Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow day baking

My daughter has a snow day tomorrow so I figured it'll be a good day to try out some baking recipes.  Bananas are a popular sugar substitute but my 4 days out of the store bananas just aren't ripe enough.  While stocking up on supplies at the grocery store I remembered I used to use Kate's Gerber Bananas if I had some kicking around whenever I baked, so I picked some up and can use that until my bananas ripen.

There's a Valentine's Party coming up at her school and I need to find a decent cookie I can send to school with her.  I'm going to try a recipe I found online that has banana, oatmeal, walnuts, and raisins, which are all things she likes.  And what better than a snow day than to try them out!

I may also take a stab at sandwich bread.  I have 2 recipe's I'm going to combine, one's gluten-free but has sugar and eggs, and the other is sugar and egg-free but uses wheat flour.  Hopefully I can cut and paste and create something that works.  Again, a day trapped inside is a good one for baking bread since the entire process can take a couple hours.

Once I come up with some successful recipes I'm going to create a recipe page on this blog and post anything worth sharing.

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