Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another rash

Things have been going well so far.  The removal of eggs has been pretty easy.  I just picked up some Truvia (Stevia) to make a Valentines cake tomorrow.  I'll see how that goes.  I'm still working on a decent pasta sauce recipe.  My daughter didn't care for the sauce I made last night, and frankly neither did I.  I miss garlic.

A little over a week ago I noticed she had was looked like Eczema on her hands and wrists.  Ugh.  At first I wondered if it was a reaction to one of her allergens that hasn't been completely removed from her diet.  But then I started thinking about the location of the rash as opposed to the cause.  I asked if the school was using a new soap.  That could do it, since that was the cause of my eczema as a kid - soaps.  Nope, that wasn't it.  Then I realized she'd just started doing her bedtime routine by herself, which included hand washing.  Hmmm.  Since eczema is usually inflamed during washings, I gave her a pass to wash her hands without soap before bed until it cleared up.  I noticed it getting better in a few days.  I explained to her that she wasn't able to reach both hands under the sink at home well enough to rinse her soapy hands and it was causing her rash.  Now I help her with the hand washing again, but just the final rinse part.

So the message of this little story is... sometimes the cause is much simpler than we think.  If we look at ALL the details we may find an easy answer and solution.  There was no diet change, she just needed help rinsing her hands.  Phew!

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