Monday, January 31, 2011

Little changes and already seeing results

It's only been a few days since I learned about Kate's new allergies (Egg, sugar, garlic) and what little changes I've made are already yielding visible results.  The other night I made pancakes for dinner and used the milled flax seed in place of the eggs.  I figured pancakes was a good food to test it on since she and my husband use maple syrup and even if the pancakes taste bad, you can always just dip in more maple syrup.  But they were really good!  The flax seed gave the pancakes a heartier flavor that I like a lot. The down side was the GF pancake mix I used had sugar, so getting better but not there yet.  Like I keep saying, it takes time to convert the pantry.  Luckily Pamela's baking mix will work just as well and doesn't have sugar.

So anyway, I've managed to reduce her allergen input considerably over the last few days.  I haven't given her a scrambled egg for lunch, which I usually do once a week with apple slices and carrot sticks as a quick warm lunch.  Our dinners have been pretty basic fare.  She's only had one  PB&J sandwich, and since she'd just eaten a whole banana I made it pretty small.  The results?  Her face has thinned out a little, her pot belly has trimmed down a little, and she doesn't complain about her belly hurting as much.  This morning she felt fine until I gave her a couple leftover pancakes made with the pancake batter with sugar.  A little while later she said her belly hurt.

I am not giving her any less food or calories (trust me, this girl is EATING!), just focusing on the foods that don't have egg and sugar.  She always ate a lot of fresh fruits and veggies for snack and with every meal so her diet won't look that different to her. She may notice some things missing, like the scrambled eggs, but it's a great opportunity to discover new foods.  She likes the homemade blueberry yogurt I made.  I puree the blueberries in the little food processor I got when she was a baby to make her own foods, then I stir in honey and plain yogurt and she loves it!

My husband is taking her to his folks' this weekend.  I haven't started the 3-week elimination of the foods so she doesn't have to eat anything special while away.  I'll also have a chance to try out a new bread recipe.  I can also polish off that tube of cinnamon rolls leftover from Christmas that have been taunting me from the refrigerator door every day!

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