Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Treats

It's been a while since I've posted because I've kind of hit a rhythm with this gluten, sugar, and egg-free thing.  I did hit a wall when the hot weather came around and my daughter kept suggesting we go for ice cream.  uhhh....  

I checked all the labels at the store and if it was sugar-free, it had Splenda, or it was made with egg yolks.  Not going to happen. Same goes for all the frozen yogurt places near me.

So I figured it was just one more thing to make at home.  I was already flavoring her yogurt with fruit and honey, I just had to make a frozen version.  First I froze pretty much every fruit I could imagine.  Then I broke out my old KidCo food processor from when she was a baby and broke up the frozen fruit.  I added the plain Greek yogurt, and honey and put it back in the freezer for a couple minutes to set.  Meanwhile, I cleaned up some nice old glass ice cream dishes I'd gotten from my grandmother and nuts.  I scooped some blueberry fro-yo into the dish, topped it with some slivered almonds, and viola! Sugar-free frozen treat.

I've found some frozen fruits work best with mixed with yogurt, like berries and peaches, while others can just be frozen and pureed into an ice-cream-like consistency w/o adding anything, like banana and mango.  The banana I also top with a little pure maple syrup and walnuts, for a sort of frozen banana bread treat.

My daughter loves them, they're really easy to make. I buy whatever fruit is on sale and keep my freezer stocked.

Good luck and stay cool!

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